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Looking for a Coffee Substitute? Try A Strong, Rich Cup Of Capomo

Capomo goes by many names, including the Maya nut, the breadnut, and the Ramon fruit. Despite the name, the Maya nut actually isn’t a nut at all – rather, it’s a hard-shelled fruit from the Ramon tree.

Because the Ramon tree can be found in the rainforests of Central America, the use of the Ramon fruit dates all the way back to prehispanic times where it was used as a staple food that could be boiled or stewed. In addition, these fruits can also be dried and ground – just like coffee seeds.

Why capomo makes a good alternative for coffee

One reason that many people veer away from coffee is because of the caffeine. While it may be good for giving you a short-term energy boost, excessive caffeine consumption may lead to undesirable side-effects like jitters, interrupted sleep schedules, and even addiction.

Enter: capomo drinks. These coffee substitutes are very similar to coffee in texture and preparation but naturally contain no caffeine.

The capomo is healthier than coffee in other ways as well – in fact, it’s even been touted as a “superfood!”Capomo is incredibly nutritious, with Vitamins A, E, C, and B, as well as calcium, magnesium, and fiber in each serving. On the flip side, you won’t find any caffeine, gluten, or allergens.

Research has also found that the roasted Maya nut contains a good amount of anti-inflammatory compounds. This isn’t new news, though: it’s long been used in traditional healing methods for treating inflammatory ailments like colitis, arthritis, and asthma.

The best part? Drinks made with Maya nuts actually have a very similar taste profile to coffee! The roast has a bitter, chocolatey taste, making it the perfect coffee replacement for those who love the taste of strong coffee.

How to use the capomo as a coffee substitute

Because capomo is so similar to coffee seeds, this also means that the production of a capomo drink is very similar.

The Ramon seeds are harvested and roasted, just like a coffee bean. From there, they can be ground down and mixed with water or milk to make a nutty, dark cup of capomo.

You can find several capomo drink options online. For example:

These brews look and taste similar enough to coffee that you may find that you’ll never have to reach for the joe again!